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Board of Education

St. Mary School is governed by the administration (Pastor, Principal and DRE) and the
Board of Education. The board is an advisory body in matters pertaining to educational
programs and facilities of the parish. The board is responsible for advising in all aspects of St.
Mary School except in grievance matters. All grievances should be taken up with the teacher,
principal, and Pastor, in that order.

All meetings of the board are open to the parents of the children and the members of the
parish. Visitors may address the board by having agenda approval from the officers of the Board
and the administration at least five days in advance of the meeting.

A copy of St. Mary School’s Board of Education by-laws is available in the school office
to anyone interested.


Voting Members Non-Voting Members
Abby Briggs
Brenan Dennison
Bill Buschon
Beth Brotherton
Valerie Buschon
Seth Garren
Amber Ralph
Mary Erlenbush

Stephanie Leonard

Fr. Piotr Kosk, Pastor
Carole Harrison, DRE
Joanne Coady, Principal
Jill Chlebus, Non Parishioner
Chuck Stubbs, Athletic Committee