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Eligibility will be checked two weeks into a new quarter and every week thereafter for students in grades four, five and six. During the season, however, if a student receives a failing grade on his/her current report card, ineligibility begins immediately. In such a case, the student will be ineligible the following week.


Ineligibility reports will be sent to the office on Mondays or the first day of the school week. The office will notify parents and coaches, and any ineligibility will last from Tuesday to Tuesday. Eligibility will be determined throughout the entire season, including tournament games. There will be no exceptions.


Parents of ineligible students are encouraged to contact the teacher to see what the student can do to improve the grade for eligibility the following week.

We are supporting a probation period of two weeks (or two eligibility checks) which allows student-athletes to practice with their teammates so as to provide children an opportunity to work out their schoolwork and athletic participation schedules.