This is the Second Sunday of Advent. Today we will hear about John the Baptist. John is the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah. Do you remember them? John was sent by God to prepare his people for the coming of the Lord! John told people to repent and ask for forgiveness so that hearts and souls would be pure and ready to receive the Word made flesh, Jesus!

On the Way to Mass...Advent is a time to prepare our hearts and home for the joy of Christmas Day! We anticipate God’s fulfilled promise in the birth of the Messiah! Talk about how your family is getting ready to receive Jesus? Sing Stay Awake!

At Mass...Use the coloring sheet and Mass quiz to help you pay attention. Listen to what John has to say to the people in the Gospel. Sing the songs. Notice they are not Christmas songs, but Advent songs. Do you know the difference?

After Mass...Find the window of John the Baptist.

On the Way Home and the Rest of the Week...Take John the Baptist's message to heart: seek forgiveness by receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation at the parish wide penance service Sunday night at 5pm. Also, consider doing something different as a family this week that will help you prepare for Christmas. Maybe visit someone who is lonely or volunteer someplace that helps people who are in need. These are the best presents you can give Jesus this Christmas.

  • Extra Credit...
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Mass Quiz
  • Picture of John the Baptist window